Pool Cover Hardware Replacement: 7 Things to Know About Your Pool

Pool Cover Hardware Replacement: 7 Things to Know About Your Pool

Properly maintaining a pool means replacing the hardware when it rusts, breaks, etc. When buying new hardware, it’s important to know as much about your particular cover as possible. Here we look at seven questions to answer about your pool cover when purchasing replacement hardware. 

Pool Covered in the FallWhat is the style of cover? Mesh, solid, automatic?

Different styles bring with them different specifications, so even if you’re not sure of the exact make and model, know what style cover you have. Common options include mesh, solid, and automatic. 

How many anchor points are being used, and how far apart are the anchors spaced?

Everywhere there's a strap, there's an anchor. Walk around your pool and count how many anchor points are in the ground. While not all might need replacing, it can be good to stock up on hardware for consistency and reliability. 

Are the straps built into the cover or attached separately?

If a strap breaks, you’ll need to know this in order to get a proper replacement. 

What’s the shape of your pool cover?

Sometimes pool cover shape will come into play when purchasing replacement parts. . 

What type of surface are the anchors in?

Concrete, grass, stone, a wall, etc. Special situations require particular solutions, especially for unconventional pool setups.

What, if any, is your hardware style preference?

Polished gold, brass, silver, or gray ok with you? Or maybe you prefer a matte black? Many customers prefer to have matching hardware throughout their home, and that includes their pool.

Will there be major snow accumulation?

Major snowfall means you’ll likely need to go with heavy duty springs, as they’ll need to hold up an extra heavy load.

Pool Covered in the Winter
Pool Cover Anchors

Arm yourself with knowledge about your pool to winterize it safely and enjoy it for many years. Having the right hardware means keeping your pool in top shape. Trust the pros at PoolZilla. 

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