Installing & Maintaining Pool Cover Anchors in Different Surfaces: Concrete, Wood, Pavers, Grass, etc.

Installing & Maintaining Pool Cover Anchors in Different Surfaces: Concrete, Wood, Pavers, Grass, etc.

Installing pool cover anchors can be a daunting task. What's the best way to do it? How can you make sure they're secure and won't damage your surface? Pool cover anchors are a must-have to keep your pool safe and secure, and installation methods and maintenance requirements depend on what surface you’re working with.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at how to install pool cover anchors in different surfaces: concrete, wood, pavers, grass, etc. We'll also discuss what to look out for and how to make sure they're installed properly.



Concrete is the most common surface used to build pools. It's also the easiest surface to work with. To install pool cover anchors in concrete, first drill a hole that measures ¾” wide. Next, insert the anchor into the hole. Take a tamping tool and hit it with a mallet until the anchor sits flush to the surface. 

In some instances, a rubber surface may be layered on top of the concrete. In these situations, it’s beneficial to use a 2” anchor for the extra length needed.


Wood is another common surface for pool cover anchors on decks and patios. The process is similar to concrete, but you'll need to use a different type of drill bit. For wood, we recommend using a spade bit or an auger bit. These bits are designed to drill through tough surfaces like wood without damaging them (cleaner hole). Once you've drilled the hole, screw in the provided four screws to securely lock the anchor into place. Place the collar over top of the anchor and tighten the bolt into place to secure the collar.


Standard installation cannot be done when you have pavers. With pavers, the ground surface is looser and requires a sturdier base. Therefore, you’ll use aluminum tubes, as the wider base that the rod provides makes anchor installation much safer. Aluminum tube anchors have the anchor pre-installed into the tube. You will simply need to drill a hole that the tube can fit into. The width of the entire tube anchor is 1” so the hole that you drill needs to fit snugly into this.


is normally used for anchor installation when there is not enough room to work with on the concrete or pavers. However, since grass is not the most stable method of anchor installation, you should never use more than 20% of your anchor surface as grass. To install anchors in grass, use a mallet to hammer a lawn spike or lawn stake flush to the ground. Lawn spikes are sturdier than lawn stakes because of their ribbed texture.

No matter what surface you're working with, be sure to take your time and double-check that the anchors are installed properly. Once they're in, you shouldn't have any problems! But if something does go wrong, don't hesitate to call a professional for help. Anchors are an important part of keeping your pool safe, so it's worth taking the time to get them installed correctly and keep them maintained.

Most pool cover hardware has a universal fit. Poolzilla products work with most major brands of swimming pool safety covers, with two notable exceptions being Meyco & Looploc anchors. Please refer to the provided dimensions before purchasing to make sure our anchors will work with your pool. 

All of our pool cover accessories are built to be durable and keep your swimming pool area safe throughout the off season.


Aluminum Anchor Tube & Anchor

✔️ Dimensions: 18” long and 1” Wide ✔️ Materials: Aluminum for the tube and Brass for the Anchor

  • ⭐【Dimensions】The aluminum tube measures 18” Long and 1” Wide
  • ⭐【Compatibility】Universal fit that works with all standard brass pool cover anchors.
  • ⭐【Premium Materials】Made with high quality aluminum that is tested last season after season. The anchors are made of brass with a proven track record of quality and impeccable design.

Wood Deck Anchors

  • ⭐【Dimensions】The wood deck anchor is 1” long and fits into a ¾” hole. The diameter of the anchor is 1.5”. The beauty collar has an inside diameter of 9/16” and an outside diameter of 1-½”.
  • 🌩️【Weather Proof】Rough winter conditions are no problem for Poolzilla wood deck anchors. The premium brass material is built to keep your safety cover locked in during intense winds and heavy snow.

Tamping Tool

✔️ Contents: 1 Tamping Tool ✔️ Compatibility: Fits all standard anchors ✔️ Materials: Aluminum

Place this tool on top of your anchor and hammer it into place with a mallet or other device.

  • ⭐【Dimensions】The tamping tool measures 5" x 2.25" x 1.15"
  • ⭐【Compatibility】Universal fit that works with all brass pool cover anchors.
  • ⭐【Contents】Includes 1 tamping tool.
  • ⭐【Premium Materials】Made with high quality aluminum tested to last 

Safety Cover Lawn Spike

  • ⭐【Dimensions】The lawn spike measures 16" long and is meant to be placed in your lawn or flowerbed. Do not make lawn spikes more than 10% of your anchor makeup.
  • ⭐【For Safety Covers】When concrete anchors are not a viable option around your entire pool, use these lawn spikes to secure your pool cover. The spikes are made of high end stainless steel that is built to last.

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