Sea-rious About Swimming? The Advantages of a Saltwater Pool

Sea-rious About Swimming? The Advantages of a Saltwater Pool

Maintaining the safety of your pool requires regular sanitization. Saltwater pools use electrolysis to convert salt into a disinfectant, releasing chlorine into the pool. Without the need for store-bought chlorine products, the occurrence of chloramines in the water reduces eye irritation and has significant soothing properties. Considering converting to a saltwater pool? Let's dive into the many pros of making the switch!

Gentle on Skin and Eyes

Saltwater pools are often praised for reducing the risk of skin, eye, and hair irritation exacerbated by traditional maintenance methods. This system minimizes direct cleaning efforts and assists in clearer and cleaner pool water– saving you time, effort, and expense, without the need for excessive additives.


Lower Maintenance Cost

Saltwater systems create chlorine continuously, reducing the chemical demand needed to maintain your pool. Using electrolysis to split the salt molecules and generate chlorine that releases directly into your pool's water, the system does the work for you.


In chlorine pools, you may notice a scent; the stronger the smell, the more irritation is likely to occur. These are chloramines, they come from the use of traditional disinfectants working to remove contaminants. Saltwater pools are an ideal choice for individuals with asthma or skin sensitivities, without the use of liquid chlorine, they typically reduce chloramine production, eliminating irritation.

Local Regulations

Some areas may have specific guidelines to ensure the responsible use and maintenance of a saltwater system. Before your investment, check local regulations and requirements regarding saltwater pools.


Choosing saltwater over a traditional chlorine pool often comes down to personal choice. Some families may enjoy the silky feel of salt water, while others will prefer the familiarity of the traditional pool smell on a hot summer day. While saltwater pools offer many a more comfortable swimming experience, it's crucial to consider the higher initial investment, local conditions, and corrosion concerns before making the switch. 

Certain materials are not recommended for use in a saltwater pool, and considering the health and safety of your pool's equipment is important, check out our salt-water-friendly accessories today!