Cleaning your Salt Cell: The Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning your Salt Cell: The Step-by-Step Guide

With use, scale buildup and other minerals can begin to build up on your cell plates, affecting their performance and reducing your salt cells' life expectancy! If you’re noticing your system isn’t working as effectively, even in a self-cleaning cell; it may be time for some maintenance.


Before starting, turn off the power! You’ll need to disconnect the cell from the pool lines. First, unplug the chlorine generator and turn off the pool pump. 

 Depending on your system, you may need to unscrew the cell housing or release it from its clips. Carefully remove the salt cell from the plumbing slowly unscrewing the unions to relieve pressure on the lines.

Now is an opportune time to inspect the O-rings, check for any flaws, and replace them if required.

Inspect the cell for any scaling, or buildup. If the plates inside are clean and the system is reading as it should, you can reinstall the unit and check again in a few months. However, if you notice any white or light-colored deposits building up on the plates, it’s time to clean the cell.

With your gloves and eye protection secured, add 4 cups of water to a clean plastic bucket first, and then 1 cup of acid.

Always add acid to water, not water to acid for a 4:1 ratio.

The cell stand is designed to soak your cell safely, keeping all components that should not be submerged protected. Secure the cell onto the stand, cord side up.

You may do cord side down, you just do not want to get any of the solution onto the cord.

Your cell stand should offer a water-tight seal. Pour the 4:1 solution into the top of the cell up to the electrolytic plates, do not overfill the cell, and do not get the solution on the cord. Ensure all plates are completely covered and allow to soak for 10-15 minutes to dissolve the scale before pouring the solution back into the bucket.

You may carefully twist off the stand once the solution is disposed of. (Follow your state codes for proper disposal, or use in your pool!) Please keep your safety gloves on, and do not allow the remaining solution to drip onto you or the cord.

 With a soft bristle brush gently scrub at the cell plates, and avoid applying excessive pressure to keep from damaging the plates.  

 Rinse out the cell to remove any traces of the cleaning solution and any clinging flakes with a garden hose. Once running clear, inspect the cell to ensure all deposits are removed, if any remain, repeat steps 5 - 9.

 Once you've completed the thorough clean, you may re-install your salt cell. Ensure all connections are sealed properly and turn the power back on to the generator and pool system. Monitor the chlorine production to ensure it returns to normal levels.


Regular Inspections: Check the salt cell every 3-4 months, or as recommended by your pool manufacturer, to prevent excessive buildup.
Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Always refer to your specific pool equipment manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and maintenance procedures.