Poolzilla 7" Weighted Skimmer Basket for SP1082, Heavy Duty Skimmer Basket for Pool Maintenance, Included Weight and Handle for Ease of Use

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  • Poolzilla 7” Weighted Skimmer Basket is a must have pool maintenance accessory. Collect leaves, dirt, and other debris to keep your pool fresh and clean. Installing the basket is as simple as removing the skimmer cover and placing it in. Placing a skimmer sock over the basket to catch smaller particles is recommended, but not required. This basket is made to last for many seasons and will be a staple in your pool maintenance routine. Included in this basket is an attached weight that will help to keep the basket from floating.

    ✔️ Contents: 1 Skimmer Basket

    ✔️Compatible Models: This model is compatible with SP1082

    ✔️Material: ABS Plastic

    • 💧【Protect Your Pool】Having a skimmer basket is essential to keeping a clean pool by keeping leaves and other debris out. This Poolzilla Super Pump basket will easily and effectively trap debris ensuring your pool stays clean.
    • 💧【Compatible Models】This model is compatible with SP1082
    • 💧【Contents】1 Skimmer Basket
    • 💧【Weighted Basket】Attached on the inside of this basket is a weight to help keep the basket at the bottom of the skimmer. The basket is made out of durable ABS plastic that will last season after season.
    • 💧【Easy to Use】To install simply remove your skimmer cover. Put a skimmer sock over the basket and place the basket in.

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