Poolzila 2" XL Extended Brass Anchors for Safety Cover

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Poolzilla extended anchors are perfect for those needing an extended anchor setup. The extended screw measures 1 5/16” in length. The entire anchor fits into a ¾” opening. Installing the anchor is incredibly easy and requires you to follow these simple steps. Remove the old pool cover anchor, clean any debris or dirt in the area, place your anchor back in, and put in the new screw. Our anchors are engineered to allow seamless insertion. The screws require minimal effort and twisting pressure to be placed into the anchor. Using a full 2” sized anchor, the screw will fully twist in and lie flush to your pool surface. Poolzilla anchors are designed to be used for concrete, slate, stone, and other solid decking.
  • Our brass anchors are designed to fit almost every pool safety cover. The brass anchor measures 2” long and fits into a ¾” hole. The screw measures 1 5/16".
  • Poolzilla brass anchors are made with the finest brass metal. Poolzilla anchors are put through rigorous testing to withstand the harshest conditions. This ensures the durability and safety of your pool cover.
  • Rough winter conditions are no problem for Poolzilla brass pool cover anchors. The premium brass material is built to keep your safety cover locked in during intense winds and heavy snow. This works to prevent accidents of pets and children falling into the pool.
  • Simply remove your old pool cover anchors, clean any debris, place the new anchor in, and screw the insert. It is as easy as that!
  • Our anchors' reviews speak for itself. You can rest assured you are getting a genuine Poolzilla product at the best prices around. These premium brass anchors are truly a must have for pool safety covers.

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